Year: 2012

Ian Nash grades Chief Inspector’s annual report ‘unsatisfactory’

Reading the headline messages in Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw’s annual report, it is easy to be misled into thinking there are no outstanding colleges inEngland. ‘For the second year running, Ofsted did not judge a single college

Ian Nash writes: The FE Guild – a sea-change or just another pendulum swing?

Why the sudden rush? When further education leaders put flesh on the bones of former FE and Skills minister John Hayes’ idea of a guild for the sector, they found compelling arguments to support it. But it couldn’t and shouldn’t

Mick Fletcher comments on possible anti-FE snobbery in the UTC movement

It is now broadly accepted that one of the factors holding back the progress of vocational education in England is the association between different types of education and social class; the snobbery that sees academic education as being for the

No sign yet of joined-up government

What does it cost to open a 14-19 University Technical College? If you are Lord Baker, Education Secretary to Margaret Thatcher, it’s upwards of £20m. If you are from Cleveland and Redcar College you get the same for £30,000 –

Our joint submission with the Institute for Education to the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning

Peter Davies and Mick Fletcher coordinated the drafting of a submission to the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning, jointly with the Centre for Post-14 Research and Innovation, Institute of Education (IoE), University of London. Other Policy Consortium members contributed to the

Lessons from Finland, by Andrew Morris

Pasi Sahlberg Source Education in other countries sounds so much more interesting than our own! In Switzerland it’s the calibre of apprenticeships, in France the breadth of the Baccalaureat, in Scandinavia the quality of pre-school play. But as I see

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Deregulation and cuts provoke fears of a return to the bad old days

Following David Cameron’s pledge last week to rip up employment red tape in the name of better delivery, where does this leave the promises in Lord Lingfield’s interim report on professionalism in further education (FE) to maintain teaching standards in

New ways to think about vocational learning

Sally Faraday and Carole Overton consider new research  into effective teaching/training and learning which strongly suggeststhat differences between ways of promoting academic and vocational learning are exaggerated and that the same good practice characteristics are to be found in both. The