Author: Andrew Morris

FE & Skills System

Consequences of policy decisions; lessons for policymakers and stakeholders This report is based on a survey conducted in conjunction with TES in 2017, which addressed the question: Are the Further Education and Skills policymakers and stakeholders creating the conditions for

Telling stories at college

In a recent piece for FE News, the Policy Consortium’s Nick Warren draws on his experience, in numerous colleges, of the amazing stories told by the amazing people who staff them. “Powerful stories can have a big impact on prospective

Research Networking: looking to the future.

Andrew Morris, a member of the Policy Consortium and co-organiser of the Learning & Skills Research Network, celebrates the 20th anniversary of LSRN. He reports on plans for an overarching structure to link together the various networks involved with research

Another ‘T’ level teaser

The Policy Consortium’s Mick Fletcher puzzles over an odd feature of T-Levels: it seems that some of Sainsbury’s technical  routes are more equal than others.  There are many mysteries about the governments approach to developing ‘T’ levels, the most fundamental

How not to manage a market

The Policy Consortium’s Mick Fletcher casts his eye over the current Government’s skills policy. The core problem with government skills policy is that it is ultimately founded on a deceit.  The claim is that employers are in the driving seat. 

The Perils of Public Procurement

Policy Consortium member Mick Fletcher discusses some of the risks of creating a ‘pseudo-market’ in FE. This article first appeared as a blog on the NCFE website.  Two big stories have surfaced in the FE press in recent weeks. One

Is it time for an end to personality politics and the FE sector?

14 June 2017 Tony Davis, member of the Policy Consortium asks: should the Department for Education be set free from government control?   Depending on where you draw your line in history, you could argue that we’ve been providing formal

FE and Skills Survey 2016

The full, final report on the sector-wide 2016 survey of FE and Skills, produced by members of the Policy Consortium, explores the views of people with an interest in the FE sector on a range of relevant topics from government policy to

Merger: a new emotional landscape

 Mergers are happening all over the sector at the moment. In the first of a series of guest blogs Tom Jupp – former Principal of City and Islington College – reflects on his experience of creating the college out of

Ministers are rapidly losing credibility over funding and direction of FE and Skills policy, survey shows

Policy Consortium member, Ian Nash, highlights key results from the third annual survey of FE and Skills run by the Policy Consortium with FE Week and sets them in the prevailing policy context. What does a government do when it has