Author: Mike Cooper

‘SPaG’: helping FE staff and learners to cope with increased demands

Mike Cooper introduces the newest practical materials in its ‘Other Resources’ service, offered by the Policy Consortium to help providers in their everyday activities. Since May 2014, the Policy Consortium has posted a varied set of documents offered as free downloads under the ‘Other Resources’

A sample tool from the Policy Consortium for quality assuring and improving initial assessment

Here’s the third in our occasional series of ‘other materials’ from the Consortium and its members, which are all free to use — and which could be of interest, and practical use, to staff within provider organisations across the FE and Skills sector.

FE Loans: what’s the ‘interest rate’, now?

Mike Cooper writes about the current state of play regarding the Advanced Learner Loans, and some of the key issues underlying the topic. This piece is an adapted version of an article that appeared in ‘FE Week’ on 21si April 2014. When

Research, evidence and the new professional standards

Andrew Morris discusses ways ahead for the sector in using evidence to improve professional practice. (Please note that this is a revised and extended version of an ‘FE Expert’ column originally published in ‘FE Week’ on 30th May 2014.) Whether

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A new kind of support from the Policy Consortium

We’ve recently added a fresh category to our website: ‘Other resources’. This further section holds new kinds of materials that are unlike our more usual sort of comment and analysis articles, which give our perspectives on current news and issues. These different resources within the new menu can

Missing the boat on FE loans?

In an article first published in a slightly different form in Edition 100 of FE Week on 24 April 2014, Mike Cooper of the Policy Consortium considers the situation around 24+ Advanced Learning Loans as they approach their second year of

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Appeals and complaints to Ofsted – consultancy for free?

Colin Forrest, Mike Cooper and Carolyn Medlin of the Policy Consortium discuss some of the potential questions and issues arising about Ofsted’s complaints system, as described in the preceding edition of FE Week. In a previous article for FE Week,

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Ofsted still found to be in much need of improvement

Colin Forrest, Carolyn Medlin and Mike Cooper of the Policy Consortium analyse what Sir Michael Wilshaw’s Ofsted Annual Report for 2012/13 says about further education and college improvement. This is an extended version of the post ‘Setting the scene for

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Setting the scene for the Ofsted Annual Report – and FE improvement

Colin Forrest, Carolyn Medlin and Mike Cooper consider the clues in Ofsted Annual Reports, past and present, as to what impact the Inspectorate has had on improvement in the sector and how well it performs according to its own criteria…

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Getting ready for next week’s PISA report

By Mike Cooper [Link to StatsLife piece by David Speigelhalter added on 2/12/2013] The new PISA report (analysis and tables) on comparative international educational attainment is due out next week. Here are interesting links to two contrasting pieces of general