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Has Labour lost the plot — or, just a speech?

As Parliament went into recess, the Policy Consortium’s Ian Nash cheekily rummaged through the wastepaper bins of the Commons Library and other places to find the ‘lost’ speech that Opposition Leader Ed Miliband should have delivered at last week’s Sutton

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Elite Colleges and the English class system

Mick Fletcher’s latest blog was originally published in ‘FE Week’ on 20 June 2014. He suggests that the BIS plan for National Colleges once again raises the ugly spectre of class prejudice. The idea that the problems of English FE

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New ways to think about vocational learning

Sally Faraday and Carole Overton consider new research  into effective teaching/training and learning which strongly suggeststhat differences between ways of promoting academic and vocational learning are exaggerated and that the same good practice characteristics are to be found in both. The

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State of confusion – the world of FE as seen by the media

Everyone knows what a further education (FE) college is. Or do they? When 1,000 members of the public were asked which colleges on a given list were FE, they were very confident. And yet three-quarters (75%) said Trinity College Cambridge,

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More plumbing, less Pilates

Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave. After all, what harm has Mickey Mouse ever done to anyone? No, I can’t think of anything either, and the last time I looked Disney was making over $33 billion a year

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