Category: Consultation Response

Will it turn out to be ‘Better Inspection for All’, in the end?

Policy Consortium members Colin Forrest and Mike Cooper discuss the content and focus of the current (autumn 2014) Ofsted consultation exercise about revamping the Common Inspection Framework. Reading the preamble to Ofsted’s consultation about radically overhauling the Common Inspection Framework

The real lessons of the HND scandal

Mick Fletcher of the Policy Consortium investigates the underlying messages behind one of the more unexpected proposals within the current BIS consultation about extending the scope of FE Loans. In the rush to get away at the end of term, FE people may have

College of Teaching must include further education

New proposals for a College of Teaching offer a unique opportunity to raise the status of the teaching profession and encourage high quality, evidence-based professional development. But the measures are certain to prove counter-productive and divisive if they fail to

Our response to BIS consultation on Chartered Status for Further Education Institutions

The Policy Consortium has submiited a formal response to the consultation issued by BIS on Chartered Status for the Further Education Sector: Proposals to Create a Chartered Status Scheme for Further Education Institutions: The Policy Consortium strongly endorses the BIS goals

Our joint submission with the Institute for Education to the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning

Peter Davies and Mick Fletcher coordinated the drafting of a submission to the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning, jointly with the Centre for Post-14 Research and Innovation, Institute of Education (IoE), University of London. Other Policy Consortium members contributed to the

FE Guild Project Consultation Response

The Policy Consortium’s responses to the FE Guild Consultation Project, undertaken by the AoC and partner organisations. The new Guild for Further Education must be a truly representative professional body serving all the nation’s education and training needs and not just