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First major inquiry into adult learning for over a decade

Ian Nash, member of the Policy Consortium, unpicks the subtleties behind the headlines on the BIS inquiry into adult learning … The first parliamentary inquiry for 13 years looking exclusively into the state of adult literacy and numeracy was announced

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PISA – not just a league table

Andrew Morris and Ian Nash comment on the latest PISA report As ever, the latest PISA research triggered the usual blame game among politicians. Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, said it amounted to a condemnation of more than a decade of

Getting ready for next week’s PISA report

By Mike Cooper [Link to StatsLife piece by David Speigelhalter added on 2/12/2013] The new PISA report (analysis and tables) on comparative international educational attainment is due out next week. Here are interesting links to two contrasting pieces of general

Further education – does it need to prepare young people for ‘leisure’?

Mike Cooper reflects on current and past prophecies of the brave new worlds of ‘work’ and ‘leisure’ – and their implications for further education A recent ‘OECD Insight’ blog again raises some familiar, and hard, questions: just what are we