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The real lessons of the HND scandal

Mick Fletcher of the Policy Consortium investigates the underlying messages behind one of the more unexpected proposals within the current BIS consultation about extending the scope of FE Loans. In the rush to get away at the end of term, FE people may have

Has Labour lost the plot — or, just a speech?

As Parliament went into recess, the Policy Consortium’s Ian Nash cheekily rummaged through the wastepaper bins of the Commons Library and other places to find the ‘lost’ speech that Opposition Leader Ed Miliband should have delivered at last week’s Sutton

On speaking truth to power

Should FE staff speak truth to power? I don’t mean in the way the US Quakers who originated the phrase in 1955 meant – as an alternative to conflict – but as a critical and quite probably friendly voice that

Cloud with a silver lining? HE in FE colleges under the new fees regime

Peter Davies, Mick Fletcher and Maggie Greenwood discuss the case for HE in FE under the new fees regime This paper considers how impending Government changes to the funding and fee arrangements for higher education (HE) may affect further education