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Analysis suggests Ofsted reports fail to give a fair and balanced picture of performance in further education

By Ian Nash Are Ofsted inspection reports still fit for purpose? Where weaknesses are indicated, do they do what is intended and create the right incentives for colleges and other providers to improve? Moreover, do the reports accurately reflect what

Response to Sir Michael Wilshaw’s letter

Sir Michael Wilshaw replied to Mick Fletcher’s open letter to him (see previous post). Click to read Sir Michael’s reply.   Mick Fletcher remains unconvinced… Wilshaw’s response is unconvincing Sir Michael Wilshaw has written in response to the letter which

Open Letter to Sir Michael Wilshaw

22 January 2016  Dear Sir Michael,  Your speech to Centre Forum, 19th January 2016 We were concerned and surprised to read that, in your recent speech given at Centre Forum, you stated that: “educational provision, for the many children who

Will it turn out to be ‘Better Inspection for All’, in the end?

Policy Consortium members Colin Forrest and Mike Cooper discuss the content and focus of the current (autumn 2014) Ofsted consultation exercise about revamping the Common Inspection Framework. Reading the preamble to Ofsted’s consultation about radically overhauling the Common Inspection Framework

Taking the pulse of FE – full report from survey

The Policy Consortium is very pleased to provide its full report Taking the pulse of Further Education [700 kB 65 page PDF], with analysis of the responses received from over 1000 people across the FE sector to our recent survey,

Appeals and complaints to Ofsted – consultancy for free?

Colin Forrest, Mike Cooper and Carolyn Medlin of the Policy Consortium discuss some of the potential questions and issues arising about Ofsted’s complaints system, as described in the preceding edition of FE Week. In a previous article for FE Week,

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Ofsted still found to be in much need of improvement

Colin Forrest, Carolyn Medlin and Mike Cooper of the Policy Consortium analyse what Sir Michael Wilshaw’s Ofsted Annual Report for 2012/13 says about further education and college improvement. This is an extended version of the post ‘Setting the scene for

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Setting the scene for the Ofsted Annual Report – and FE improvement

Colin Forrest, Carolyn Medlin and Mike Cooper consider the clues in Ofsted Annual Reports, past and present, as to what impact the Inspectorate has had on improvement in the sector and how well it performs according to its own criteria…

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Self-improvement in an age of reduced resources

Andrew Morris, member of the Learning and Skills Research Network and the Policy Consortium, discusses the implications of self-improvement, not improvement, for new FE body the Education and Training Framework. Leaders of colleges judged outstanding by Ofsted inspectors say it

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Ofsted and improvement – living up to expectations?

As the time for the next Chief Inspector’s Annual Report approaches, three members of the Policy Consortium look for messages that may emerge about the past year, as well as some of the possible implications they might have. Colin Forrest,