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Nick Boles and ‘The coming of Age for FE?’

The Policy Consortium’s Ian Nash contrasts the skills minister’s doubts about the future of the general FE college with the expert evidence in the new book ‘The coming for Age for FE?’.  Sources within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are suggesting area

FE Funding – could it get worse?

Mick Fletcher’s analysis of the recent Skills Funding letter sets the background for policy developments from 2015 onwards.  This article first appeared in FE Week. Bad news for adult learning but not good for SFA either Much of the response to

Budget 2015 – inebriation before education

More budget blues from a true blue budget? As George Osborne announces plans for another budget Mick Fletcher reflects on the implications for FE of the first budget 2015 and is not impressed. This article first appeared in FE Week.

Survey points to need for a radical rethink of the approach to further education by the incoming Tory Government

Policy Consortium member Ian Nash introduces the full report of the second Great FE & Skills Survey, undertaken by the Policy Consortium in conjunction with its media partner FE Week. The Coalition Government presided over cuts to further education which have proved

FE Loans: Going Away? On Hold? Or, Just Biding Their Time?

In an extended and adapted version of a recent blog for the Campaign for Learning’s website, Mike Cooper considers just where 24+ Advanced Learning Loans are now, and may be heading. 24+ Advanced Learning (‘FE’) Loans have been around for

Austerity cuts sacrifice two ‘lost generations’ seeking adult education and training

   Policy Consortium member Ian Nash considers the recent report from the Association of Colleges about cuts in funding for adults. Coalition Government policies for further education are increasingly being exposed as, at best, ill-considered. The latest to ring the alarm bell

‘SPaG’: helping FE staff and learners to cope with increased demands

Mike Cooper introduces the newest practical materials in its ‘Other Resources’ service, offered by the Policy Consortium to help providers in their everyday activities. Since May 2014, the Policy Consortium has posted a varied set of documents offered as free downloads under the ‘Other Resources’

The real lessons of the HND scandal

Mick Fletcher of the Policy Consortium investigates the underlying messages behind one of the more unexpected proposals within the current BIS consultation about extending the scope of FE Loans. In the rush to get away at the end of term, FE people may have

A good time for a bad decision

Mick Fletcher responds to the first funding announcement from the new Skills Minister, Nick Boles. This piece appeared originally in the ‘FE Experts’ section of ‘FE Week’ on 22nd July 2014. It was perhaps inevitable that the decision of the

A new kind of support from the Policy Consortium

We’ve recently added a fresh category to our website: ‘Other resources’. This further section holds new kinds of materials that are unlike our more usual sort of comment and analysis articles, which give our perspectives on current news and issues. These different resources within the new menu can