Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper taught and managed in Yorkshire and Hampshire FE colleges for 17 years, after school teaching and running a voluntary-sector organisation. He was LSDA’s Regional Director South East, 1999-2006. As a free-lance, Mike then founded the Policy Consortium, leading it for several years. His sponsored but independent fortnightly free e-bulletin on post-16 policy, research and practice had 650 direct members/2500+ readers (estimated), 2006-2011. Consultancy work spans: research and analysis; self-assessment and quality improvement; project management; communications, writing and editing; leadership development; curriculum development; teaching and learning improvement; and learner support – all for a very wide variety of providers, and sector bodies. His work focus in recent years includes: 24+ Loans; English and Maths skills support for staff and learners; aspects of inspection; writing, editing and proofreading; plus, the Policy Consortium’s on-line sector survey and Gazelle Group impact research project. See also Mike’s LinkedIn profile.